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What is Chitin/Chitosan
1. Chitin/Chitosan has chemical structures very similar to that of cellulose. such as cotton ami rayon. (Fig. 1)

2. Chitin is the natural polysaccharide biologically produced by living creatures on the earth in huge quantities. Its production is next to the cellulose, which is biologically produced by plant. It is estimated that total production of Chitin on the earth annually is about i to 100 billion ton.
Chitin/Chitosan is white and porous polysaccharide that forms a base for the hard shell of crustaceans like crabs, lobsters and squids. It is also found in (1) insects like dragonflies. grasshoppers and beetles. (2) rnushrooms like shiitake and enokidake and (3) cell wall of fungi.

3. It is also estimated that about 150 thousand ton of Chitin is available for commercial use annually. However. only a few thousand ton is actually used in the world.

4. So long as Chitin is a natural substance included in the food such as crab, shrimp, mushroorn etc, it is quite a safe material. Its safety has been verified scientifically through many tests. With the following properties in mind, its applications are widely spread.

Fig. 1 Chemical Structure

Properties and efficacy of Chitin/Chitosan

Purifies waste water
Heavy metal adsorption Adsorbs and removes radioactive substances
Biodegradation Being organic material, the chitin/chitosan is
degraded by rnicroorganisms
Antimicrobial activity Inhibits bacterial growth
Immunization Enhances the body's immunity to disease
Cell activation Promotes Iysozyme secretion
Body activation Accelerates wound healing
Acceleration of skin tissue regeneration Thin non-woven fablic is successfully applied to burns.
SaIt adsorption Lowers high blood pressure
Oil absorption inhibition Helps the body getting rid of excess fat
Lowering of cholesterol Catch cholesterol and lower its level
Hemostatic action Bleeding is easily stopped
Slow releasing action Permits slow and steady release of medicines maximizing the efficacy