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CRABYON is totally new fiber based on the technology of making Chitin/Chitosan into fiber.

The idea behind the development of CRABYON is the fact that chemical structure of Chitin/Chitosan is quite similar to that of cellulose.
The idea led to development of technology to make Chitin/Chitosan viscose. CRABYON, composite fiber of Chitin/Chitosan and cellulose, is manufactured by uniformly blending Chitin/Chitosan and cellulose viscose and extruding the blended viscose into spin-bath.
We have got a patent for this technology in Japan and U.S.A under the title Process for producing articles of regenerated Chitin/Chitosan containing material and the resulting articles'. The same patent is pending in U.K., Germany, France, Italy, and Austria.
There are two other types of fibers containing Chitin/Chitosan.

After treatment type
Chitin/Chitosan is fixed on the fabric with binder. Jt is apparent that Chitin/Chitosan decrease as fabric is washed, leading to lesser function. Jt is afraid that the binder might damage the skin.

Mixed type
Chitin Chitosan powder is simply mixed with cellulose viscose. So long as physical properties of fiber weakens as percentage of powder increases, there is a limit of quantities of powder to be mixed. (Fig. 2)
As you can see, CRABYON is completely different from the above two types fiber.
( fig. 3)
Surfece appearance of fiber dyed with acid dyes.

Fig. 2
Mixed type
Red point are chitosan
Fig. 3
Chitin/Chitosan and cellulose form so uniformly as to be dyed green evenly.