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Main characteristics of CRABYON
- Effective of antibacterial function for a long time
Because Chitin/Chitosan is a built-in part of CRABYON, its antibacterical function stays unchanged against washing or abrasion for a long time.
- Ratio of Chitin/Chitosan in CRABYON is widely variable
Ratio of Chitin/Chitosan can be varied in wide range of 1 to 99% depending on requirement of fiber.
Blended spinning can be done with other fibers such as wool, cotton, etc.
- Excellent for weak or sensitive skin
CRABYON keeps skin from dryng because its moisture keeping property is more excellent than any other cellulosic fiber. At the same time it gives velvet touch and no irritation to the skin. So that CRABYON is safe and comfortable even for people with weak or sensitive skin like babies or aged.

- No change in physical properties
Physical properties of CRABYON are almost the same as those of regular rayon fiber.
- The dyeability of reactive dyes and dyrect dyes to CRABYON is excellent.
Dyes CRABYON shows excellent touch and hue.
- CRABYON is very helpful in conserving the biosystem.
Chitin/Chiotosan, with activation of lysozime, is a natural organic resource essential to conservation of bipsystem of the earth. CRABYON has been developed with the idea of making the most use of this natural resource.

- A lot of consideration to the environment
We are making the most use of waste from crab meat processing factories, crab shell, as raw material of Chitin/Chitosan.
In 1997 OMIKENSHI was award the Minister of International Trade and Industry Prize at the Recycle Promoting Council for contribution to recycle of resources through production of CRABYON.
CRABYON is totally biodegradable. In this sense it gives no burden to the environment.

Fig. 4 e 5

- Antibacterial effect of CRABYON

Fig. 6

- Water absorption property
(By Weireck Method.JIS L1907)


- Moisture absorption property
(at20°C, 65 R.H.)

Fig. 8

- Softness
(By Gurley Method.JIS L1096)